Enjoy, the ideal hot tub for professionals

Jacuzzi Experience  /  01 December 2015

Once you discover the pull a Jacuzzi hot tub has, you’ll wonder how you ever went without one – as is the case with many managers of hotels and wellness centres.

For professional and intensive use, the Enjoy is an ideal product. Designed for small to medium sized hotels and day spas which offer wet/heat experiences, the Enjoy is available as a built in hot tub, which provides plenty of room and allows the use of an overflow grid.

Enjoy is the ultimate in sleek, contemporary design with a balance of unique features and functionality. It offers easy to use controls and all the best parts of the Jacuzzi brand.

Enjoy Base is suitable for six people and has eighteen jets, while Enjoy Top is built for the same amount of people but has thirty-eight jets. Both models offer aromatherapy, an external grid, automatic water refilling, complete draining, an insulating cover, an overflow rim, a multi-colour light system, an ozone generator and circulation pump features.

Anyone who has been a guest on a mountain top hotel knows just how handy it is to have a Jacuzzi tub close by for warming up and relaxing. What better way perk to offer at your resort or wellness centre than an Enjoy? It could be the #BestMomentOfTheDay.


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