The history of Jacuzzi®: the spirit of innovation

Jacuzzi Experience  /  03 August 2018

The Jacuzzi brand is known all over the world for the excellence of its products in the wellness sector, and more recently in the sports sector. But not everyone knows the origin of the company that has become the example of a brand that knows how to keep up with the times.

A family of inventors: the Jacuzzi brothers

The history of Jacuzzi begins over a century ago, when the seven Jacuzzi brothers left Italy for the United States in search of fortune. It was 1915, the year that marked the beginning of a series of experiments and events that would lead them to revolutionize domestic hydrotherapy.

Their first invention was a new propeller concept that was adopted by the US Air Force, a prologue for the first integrated cabin monoplane patented in 1920. From there, a succession of intuitions opened new opportunities. From the invention of an irrigation pump, to the creation of a fan that blows hot air to combat freezing weather.

The ancestor of the Jacuzzi whirlpool bath

In 1956 the seeds were sown for what would be the most important Jacuzzi invention. Candido Jacuzzi, the youngest of the brothers, created the prototype of an immersion pump that produced the healing effects of hydrotherapy that brought relief for his son who had been suffering from rheumatoid arthritis for several years, allowing him to continue hydrotherapeutic treatments in his own home. The J-300™ pump, when inserted in a normal bathtub, transforms it into a whirlpool bath in all respects.

In 1968 Roy Jacuzzi, a third-generation member of the family who, having sensed the growing interest of consumers for well-being and fitness and leisure activities, developed and completed the project. He created a bathtub with integrated nozzles and a hydromassaging system: it is “Roman”, the ancestor of Jacuzzi whirlpool baths, which would soon become the pioneers of the world’s wellness sector.

The calling to innovation

From this point on the story tells of an evolution and a constant growth aimed at people’s well-being. Larger tubs are designed to accommodate more people; incorporating heating and filtration systems to keep the water hot and clean; the market has expanded and includes plumbing fixtures, high quality shower enclosures, decor and accessories to offer a complete and contemporary bathroom collection.

Thanks to the constant push towards research and innovation, today, Jacuzzi is an icon that, with its more than 250 international patents, represents excellence in the development of technologically advanced products with an unmistakable design. Legendary for performance, reliability and ease of use, Jacuzzi is the most famous and best-selling brand of whirlpool baths, and hot tubs in the world.

But the story isn’t over: today Jacuzzi continues to be the protagonist of the present while looking to the future and breaking into new markets such as sports, for which the new counter-current swimming pools were created and introduced during the latest edition of the Milan Fuorisalone.


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