How To Reduce Repetitive Strain In The Hands and Wrists

Jacuzzi Experience  /  22 September 2017

You don’t have to be an active massage therapist, or a busy builder to suffer with aching hands and wrists. Simply tapping on a keyboard all day, cycling to work, or practicing to become the next Great British Bake Off champion can lead to repetitive strains in the hands and wrists.

A handy way to reduce tension and strain in these vital body parts it to explore the many benefits of hydromassage.

The benefits of a Jacuzzi for your hands and wrists

A gentle massage through one of Jacuzzi’s PowerPro® Jets will serve as a relaxing and welcomed treat to your hands and wrists, particularly if they are feeling strained and tired.

Hydromassage works to promote circulation, and whilst the jets do all the hard work, your hands and wrists will benefit from reduced pain and inflammation and an increase in mobility, helping you to regain control in this area.

As comfort is key, Jacuzzi hot tubs have been designed to allow you to readjust the state-of-the-art PowerPro® Jets to target specific body parts, in this instance, hands and wrists.

Whether you’re looking for a gentle, or a more intense massage, the jets can be aligned to pinpoint specific areas to aid stress and any pain in the hands and wrists, which can be both uncomfortable and debilitating if not cured quickly.


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