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Enter The World of Jacuzzi With J-200

Jacuzzi Experience  /  18 December 2015

Delivering both the reliability and quality offered by Jacuzzi premium spa baths the J-200 range is the ideal solution for entering the world of Jacuzzi at a convenient price.

The J-200 delivers all the features you need to relax and enjoy a comfortable hydromassage whilst providing advanced features including user friendly controls, advanced filtration and ClearRay technology for improved hygiene.

The J-200 range offers four fantastic home spa solutions:
The J-210 is a great way to introduce yourself to the Jacuzzi brand and is the ideal solution if you are looking for a premium Jacuzzi spa at a convenient price. Offering a clean cut design, the J-210 offers versatility to meet all installation requirements, while guaranteeing good quality performance.

The J-235 offers 35 jets and is known for its impressive jet power. Five seating positions offer hydrotherapy solutions, whilst a comforting lounger allows you to lay back whilst 12 jets deliver a powerful hydromassage. Standard features include a classic waterfall and LED lighting adds a to the experience, whilst it is possible to add the BLUEWAVE™ spa stereo system and listen to a personal playlist from your smartphone.

The J-245 offers a relaxing experience for up to seven adults: providing the perfect place to socialise as well as relax. The open seating arrangement makes it ideal for social gatherings. Two powerful jet pumps, stainless steel jet face plates and LED lighting come standard on this fully featured spa.

The J-275 seats six adults and includes a comfortable lounge seat, with 16 jets including 6 pulsating calf jets to provide the perfect massage experience. Interior lighting enhances the experience and the sound of the classic waterfall creates a soothing environment perfect for connecting with friends or spending time with family. The two powerful pumps provide the power needed to bring every seat the perfect massage power. The J-275 includes the BLUEWAVE™ spa stereo system: what could be better than to listen to your favourite music (we recommend smooth jazz and chill out) in your Jacuzzi?

Those who start with the J-200 range are introduced to the wellness path in a great way. After all, everybody knows that with Jacuzzi it’s impossible to go wrong.


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