J-500, A Truly Luxurious Hot Tub Experience

Jacuzzi Experience  /  12 May 2016

Meticulously designed to deliver the ultimate wellness experience, the J-500 hot tub range uses varying water pressures and temperatures to awaken the body’s natural mechanisms of self healing – known as hydrotherapy treatment. Features including spacious seating to stretch out and more than 50 Jacuzzi jets make this tub ideal for targeting aching or tired muscles and is the model that we strongly recommend for those whether you’re affected by muscular pain caused by exercise, ailment or general wear and tear!

Unique in its characteristic curved design and weatherproof Curvalux exterior, the J-500 collection includes the J-575 and J-585 hot tubs. Both designs feature a luxurious waterfall feature and soft multi coloured lighting that fuse light and sound, providing the ultimate relaxing and calming environment.

Not all work and no play, the J-500 tubs are also ideal for socialising! Seating 5-6 people, the tubs are truly revolutionary as the user can control every single function of the tub with an easy-to-use touch screen control panel. These functions can also be controlled using smartphone integration, meaning that the user can even warm the water remotely.


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