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Opalia whirlpool bath: the ambiance of ancient thermal baths at home

Jacuzzi Experience  /  11 April 2018

Opalia by Jacuzzi is a built-in whirlpool bath designed to be the star of any space. The rounded and harmonious shapes of its design is inspired by ancient thermal baths and embellishes the furnishings of every bathroom, from the most classic to the most modern.

Why choose an Opalia whirlpool bath?

Opalia is a whirlpool bath designed to make a couple’s moments together truly special: its large size and ergonomic seats give all the space necessary to comfortably enjoy the exclusive performance of a personalised Jacuzzi hydromassage. Total comfort is guaranteed by the integrated armrests and removable headrests that follow the profile of the neck.

Opalia’s soft shapes are not only functional but aesthetic as well. The rim of the built-in whirlpool bath rises harmoniously from the floor, leaving only the essential lines in view, the precious materials and the refined finishesit is made of: a clean and elegant design reminiscent of the ancient thermal baths. To recreate an even more striking effect, Opalia is equipped with underwater lighting that gives a soft and relaxing ambiance to every bathroom.

In addition to the standard version, Opalia is also available in two other models, which are slightly higher and differ in materials: Opalia Corian® and Opalia Wood/Stone.

The first is a whirlpool bath made of Corian®, an extraordinarily durable and brilliant white material, which goes well with the clean design of the whirlpool bath.

The second presents a rim with highly customizable finishes: from precious wood to white Carrara marble, from black granite to Piasentina stone.

To all that it is possible to integrate mechanical or electronic Morphosis tapware, which with its avant-garde design completes an extremely sought-after whirlpool bath model.

What are the features of the Opalia whirlpool bath?

Each Opalia whirlpool bath model offers the following features:

  • 6 customisable TargetPro™ jets that let you adjust the range, intensity, and power
  • Removable headrests and ergonomic arm rests for maximum comfort during the hydromassage
  • Underwater light that creates striking ambiance
  • Rainbow lighting (optional in the standard version), to integrate hydrotherapy with chromotherapy
  • Clean System to disinfect the whirlpool leaving it always perfectly sanitised


The Corian® model also has a heating system that keeps the water temperature constant, a J-Touch remote control to select and adjust the different functions of the bathtub with a simple gesture, and has the possibility to integrate an exterior perimeter light that frames and illuminates the whirlpool bath so it seems like it is suspended above the floor.

For more information on the Opalia whirlpool bath, click here or contact the nearest dealer to experience Jacuzzi excellence



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