Peter Andre Chats to Jacuzzi at Euphoria Lifestyle

Jacuzzi Experience  /  30 March 2016

As a proud owner of one hot tub already, it’s no surprise that Peter Andre was found browsing for an upgrade at the Euphoria Lifestyle showroom in West Sussex last month. While he was there, we grabbed the chance to chat with him about all things Jacuzzi and see what he thought of our Aqua Fit System Swim Spa.

In our interview, Pete explains that his reasons for using the hot tub are very different from before he had a family. Now, his baby daughter is always asking him if they can get in the tub and Pete has found himself using it a lot more, demonstrating just how perfect a Jacuzzi can be for spending quality time with loved ones.

Not only is a Jacuzzi hot tub great for making memories with the family, it’s also an all round asset to have at home, as Pete explains: “It can be used for everything, that’s why I love it and more so than a swimming pool, because I think a swimming pool is almost seasonal.” He went on to say: “a hot tub sounds seasonal but it’s not, you can turn the temperature right down on it as well in summer.”

Currently rehearsing for his UK tour, Pete loves to relax in his hot tub after a busy day. The singer finds our tubs particularly useful after he has been weight training or following a Kung Fu session. And since he doesn’t like baths, Pete has found a happy medium with his hot tub, as it is a great mixture of water relaxation and warmth.

Pete’s next goal is to buy an Aqua Fit System Swim Spa for his new home. Being such a fitness fanatic, he is keen to use the Swim Spa to improve his strength, although he admits that his children will probably use it to swim too. Why not?!

The Aqua Fit System Swim Spa combines the hydrotherapy and relaxation of a swim spa with the power and facilities required for a gym workout, so we can see why Pete is keen to purchase an Aqua Fit system of his own.

We’re sure he won’t waste any time upgrading his hot tub as soon as he is settled into his new home!

Watch Part One of our interview with Pete below and on our YouTube channel and stay tuned for part 2 on our Twitter – @JacuzziUK.


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