The J-315™ spa: great comfort in a small space

Jacuzzi Experience  /  04 January 2018

The J-315™ spa by Jacuzzi is a hot tub designed for those with limited space, as thanks to its compact size, the J-315™ is easy to install anywhere. Ideal for couples, the J-315™ spa offers all the comfort of the Jacuzzi experience in a small space.

Why choose the J-315™ by Jacuzzi?

The J-315™ is part of the Jacuzzi J-300™ range, a collection designed to ensure maximum comfort. The hot tubs in this collection present more focused jets for a better hydromassage, in the case of the J-315™ spa21 jetsenhance the effect of the hydromassage and provide you with a focused and deep treatment thanks to PowerPro® technology.

The J-315™ spa is a compact model that requires simple installation because it easily passes through standard sized doors. The tiny measurements of the J-315™ make it the perfect choice for any patio, terrace or balcony, yet despite taking up such little space the J-315™ can accommodate up to 3 people, whilst offering all the luxury and technology of the largest Jacuzzi products.

Each Jacuzzi spa is designed to give the best personalised experience: the J-315™ spa is suitable for those who want the quality of Jacuzzi hydromassage, but at the same time do not want to sacrifice too much space in their home or garden.

Each model within the J-300™ range is also available in different colours that enhance any indoor or outdoor environment. Finally, an illuminated control panel that makes every operation easier and more immediate.

Features of the spa J-315™?

The main feature of the J-315™ spa is the compact size, at just 193 x 168 x 81cm it easily fits into the smallest of locations. This model, however, offers all the benefits of a large spa:

  • 1 Lounge seat for you to enjoy total body immersion and a massage from the back to the lower legs, where each area is stimulated by targeted jets to relieve any tension
  • 2 ergonomic and therapeutic seats that, thanks to the numerous targeted jets, offer an effective massage around the body
  • 3 reversible headrests provide comfort for the neck and head, and each features emotional background illumination
  • ProLite™ underwater light, which uses LED technology to create an atmosphere perfect for any occasion
  • Watercolor Waterfall™ that provides a soothing action across the shoulders with the relaxing cascade of water
  • an optional Bluewave® stereo system, is controllable by remote and can connect to your Bluetooth device, to access your favourite music

Like any other Jacuzzi hot tub, the J-315™ also features ClearRay™ technology for water purification, an exclusive technology that uses natural ultraviolet rays to eliminate bacteria, viruses and algae.

Learn more about the J-315™ hot tub or contact your nearest Jacuzzi hot tub retailer to experience the excellence of a Jacuzzi hydromassage.



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