How to Throw the Best Summer Pool Party

Jacuzzi Experience  /  08 August 2019

Who says us Brits can’t throw a pool party as well as our friends in warmer climates? And, for those who’ve opted for a Swim Spa over a traditional swimming pool you can host a pool party 365 days a year – however, a summer pool party has a better ring to it than a winter one!

First thing is first, the good news is if you are a Swim Spa owner you’ve already saved on the cost of having your very own back-garden swimming pool, which means you can splash out on the extras for your pool party! Read on to find out our top tips on getting your summer soiree started….

Set the scene

A great way to set the scene is to give your party a specific theme. Doing this will help you to decorate and decide on the added extras that will give your pool party the ‘wow’ factor. For example, you could go for a Hawaiian theme – give all your guests flower leis on arrival and dot Hawaiian themed props around your garden. Once the sun sets bring out Hawaiian pizzas for everyone to enjoy!

Back to basics

It might seem simple, but a blow-up ball is an essential item for any pool party. It will provide hours of entertainment both inside and pool and out. Suggest a friendly game of piggy in the middle, or a more competitive volleyball game with prizes for the winning team. If you go for a specific theme, try and find a ball which ties into this to bring the party theme to life.

Serve up a treat

Tie your food and drink selection into your pool party theme. Keep the cool drinks flowing and opt for a variety of fingers foods to create a relaxed and informal atmosphere. Once the sun cools down, light up the barbeque and again offer bite-sized bits to avoid the need for a formal, sit down meal.

Time is of the essence

The beauty of hosting your very own pool party is that you can dictate when is starts and ends. Long, warm summers nights create the ideal backdrop to your perfect pool party. What’s more, once the party cools down, you can turn the jets on and transform your Swim Spa into a hydromassage haven for those guests left standing.

So, what are you waiting for? Send out the invites, select your theme and let’s show everyone what British Summer’s are all about!


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