Victoria Palace Hotel: wellness and relaxation immersed in the beauty of Salento

Professional  /  23 May 2018

Between the crystalline sea of Salento and the cultural riches of Gallipoli stands the Victoria Palace Hotel, a wellness oasis in one of the most popular destinations in Italy.

A place to discover the wonders of Salento

The Victoria Palace Hotel is the ideal place to visit Salento, the Southern Apulia peninsula renowned above all for the charm of its sea and the beauty of its landscape characterized by sandy beaches and olive trees. Immersed in the Mediterranean, each of the more than 100 Salento municipalities has something to offer: a crossroads of different cultures which over time have left their mark and tell the story of a territory rich in art and history to be discovered.

Zen Shore, a private location on the beach

The Victoria Palace Hotel is the perfect place for anyone looking for tranquility, fun and a carefree holiday. In fact, the hotel offers beach amenities for guests located on the beautiful Baia Verde beach, the Zen Shore. Chic décor on the fine sand, sushi and other gourmet delicacies, refined cocktails and engaging music: everything is designed to pamper guests and give them an unforgettable stay.

Spa Suite, the ultimate in wellness and romance

The Victoria Palace Hotel is a place dedicated to calm and relaxation: anyone looking for the ultimate in wellness can find the perfect overnight stay in the Spa Suite: much more than just a hotel room, this suite is equipped with a Jacuzzi hot tub and a Sasha incorporating with sauna, emotional shower and hammam. A small kingdom of ideal romanticism to share, surrounded by the magical and relaxing atmosphere created by captivating light show.

Zen Wellness, to recharge the mind and body

If comfort is the watchword, at the Victoria Palace Hotel you must visit the wellness center of excellence, Zen Wellness, a corner of paradise designed to take care of the mind and body. Zen Wellness is also a beauty centre, where you can alternate cosmetic care with Ayurveda or massage treatments, and then relax in the solarium. It also has a gym for those who can’t go without daily workouts even on holiday.


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