5 reasons to take up outdoor sporting activities

Sport  /  13 March 2017

Daily life’s frenetic pace often makes us forget the benefits that life in contact with nature brings to us in terms of physical and mental wellness.

In the winter, the low temperatures make it hard in the search of motivation to go out and enjoy run in the open air, yet spring is the right season to figure out a routine with a few sessions of physical exercise to practice outdoor. The feeling of satisfaction will be immediate and the positive effects of exercise will have a direct positive impact on one’s own mood for the rest of the day.

Here are five reasons to carve out some of your time and go outdoors:

#1 More effective Performance

Unlike in the gym, a run in a park is completely free. Moreover, it is more efficient since the ground is uneven compared to the treadmill: gaps, corners, puddles to avoid are small obstacles that require more attention but make the activity more challenging and less boring.

#2 Strengthened breathing

Sport played outside in the natural environment enhances the activity of the respiratory system and improves stamina as the problem of fresh air in a closed and crowded space is resolved. In addition, outdoors there is no source of heating or air conditioning that can cause sudden jumps of temperature with subsequent risks for one’s health.

#3 Exposure to the sun

Exposure to the sun increases vitamin D production, which has a double positive effect on the body. On one hand, thanks to a better absorption of calcium and phosphorus, it makes muscles more flexible and prevents bone diseases; on the other hand, it acts as a natural antidepressant on the hormones, helping improve the mood and quality of sleep.

#4 Higher self-esteem

An outdoor activity like trekking incentivizes the desire of adventure and the curiosity to discover new pathways and challenge one’s own limits and overcome them. Not only does let you gain more self-confidence but also, if practiced in company, encourages the relationship with the others and performs the team effort.

#5 More productivity

Spending the most of the time in school or at work comes with physical and mental weakening due to low mobility. Those who takes up regular physical exercise make it possible to improve their productivity and helps to create better responses to stressful situations, increasing the general productivity along the day.




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