A ski weekend on the legendary Kandahar slope in Garmisch

Sport  /  16 January 2017

There are great expectations for the best femaleskiers as the next stage of women’s Ski World Cup will be held this weekend in Garmisch on the legendary Kandahar slope.

After the short Christmas break, the Ski World Cup races are back in full swing and, while the men’s trainings has already begun in Kitzbuehel, Austria, the women’s team is preparing for next weekend’s races in Garmisch Partenkirchen, Germany.

Skiers, will be competing on Saturday 21st and Sunday 22nd, in Downhill and Super G disciplines on the Kandahar, one of the most famous ski slopes in the world.

This is an historic track, located on the slope of Mount Kreuzeck. Purposely built in 1935 for the Winter Olympic Games the following year. Since 1970 it is a track which features on the Alpine Ski World Cup calendar and where the best international athletes compete at speeds of over 100 km / h. The Kandahar has become legendary for its difficulty: the track, 3.3 km long, reaches an inclination of 92% in a stretch called “free fall”.

In 2008, this historic track was adapted to satisfy safety requirements imposed by the International Ski Federation, splitting it into two intertwined paths but largely independent: Kandahar 1 and Kandahar 2. The first one hosts the women’s races and it’s a technically challenging track, even if some of the steepest points are excluded. Kandahar 2 hosts men’s competitions, it touches the highest altitude and re-joins the valley with Kandahar 1 in a last icy stretch with a very strong inclination.

The descent on the Kandahar is a breath-taking experience both for the athletes and for the many spectators who are going to see this leg of Ski World Cup!

For the occasion Jacuzzi will be present in Garmisch with its hot tubs to give some relaxation after the excitement of the race.




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