Leeds Rhinos Captain Danny McGuire Credits Jacuzzi Hydrotherapy for Swift recovery

Sport  /  23 March 2016

Leeds Rhinos captain Danny McGuire is set to make his Rhinos comeback earlier than expected, thanks to an intensive rehabilitation programme, which has included hydrotherapy treatment with Jacuzzi®.

McGuire, who has been on the side-lines for the team’s last five games after suffering a knee injury in the champions’ opening game of the season against Warrington Wolves, will make his comeback against St Helens this Friday 18th March.  As part of his recovery, Danny has been working with the us at Jacuzzi® to incorporate water therapy (hydrotherapy) into his rehabilitation programme at the recommendation of club physiotherapist, Andy Barker.

“It’s five weeks since I got injured. It’s been a tough process, but I’m excited to get back to playing and the hydrotherapy [from Jacuzzi® hot tubs] has been a big part of getting me back on the field this quick,” explains McGuire.

We were very excited to announce earlier this year that Jacuzzi® is the newest associate club sponsor for Leeds Rhinos and our hot tubs and Aqua Fitness System Swim Spas have been used by the players as part of their training programme, under the direction of the Rhinos physiotherapy team.

Hydrotherapy and the use of changing water temperatures and pressures is a common practise for champion sports stars, such as the Leeds Rhinos, in order to keep their bodies in peak physical condition. Each Jacuzzi® product is specially designed to alleviate muscle tension and aches often experienced by athletes during their rigorous training regimes and McGuire’s recovery is a testament to Jacuzzi®’s expertise in this field.

The 33-year-old Captain adds: “ I’ve been doing loads of soft tissue work and strengthening, making sure I’m keeping the strength up. I’ve been mixing training up with the pool, recovery and hydrotherapy.

“There are tons of benefits with the hot tub. It does work, especially when you are coming back to training, you do fatigue a little bit, your muscles fatigue. So using Jacuzzi® and putting it to work on my muscles has definitely helped me get back from injury quicker.”

Andy Barker, Head Physiotherapist at Leeds Rhinos, said: “Using hydrotherapy as part of Danny’s rehabilitation has been beneficial for him.  We are grateful to our partners at Jacuzzi® for allowing Danny and the rest of the squad to use their facilities to aid them in their recovery.  Danny has found that the hydrotherapy has helped to alleviate pain and strengthened his road to recovery.”

Paul Farrell, Jacuzzi® UK’s Marketing Manager, said: “We are pleased to be able to provide the Rhinos players with hot tubs to aid muscle recovery and ease their injuries during training and after game days. It has been great to see Danny McGuire using the Jacuzzi® hot tubs, as advised by the clubs physiotherapist, as part of his recovery following a knee injury sustained this year.”

Hear more about Danny’s recovery and what he thinks of our hot tubs in the video interview on our YouTube channel here.


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