Live the races in Val d’Isere and Alta Badia with Jacuzzi

Sport  /  16 December 2016

Jacuzzi, official sponsor of 10 Ski World Cup races, will be present at two important competitions this weekend. The ladies races in Val d’Isere will include a wellness area with a hot tub, and at the men’s event in Alta Badia.

The ladies races in Val d’Isere start today with an alpine combined event, and over the next two days: downhill and Super G events.

In Val d’Isere the winners can benefit from a Jacuzzi hydromassage, at the Jacuzzi stand to relax the muscles after exertion of the race and clear the mind.

This weekend the men’s races are in Val Gardena, a place that, despite the lack of snow, was able to provide the ideal conditions for the races. The men will then head over to Alta Badia for race events on December the 18th and 19th. A Jacuzzi stand will be present there to support and welcome the champions at the finish line.

But Jacuzzi hydromassage is not just for the athletes of the Ski World Cup!

This kind of therapy is of course recommended after a post-athletic activity to help speed the recovery of muscular effort, but it also promote physical and mental well-being in general. Anyone can enjoy a hydromassage, if you find yourself in the vicinity of the races during these days, come and enjoy a pure relaxation experience.


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