Swedish Food Lesson to prepare for Are

Sport  /  09 December 2015

After a day of skiing and some time spent in a Jacuzzi hot tub, what can you eat here in Are? Among the many great main courses, the Swedish food includes soups like the ‘Arter med flask’, made from pork and peas, and the Tisdagssoppe, made from barley. The real star of the Swedish cuisine is fish, in particular herring, which can be prepared in various ways: smoked, fried, marinated, stewed or served with sour cream. Whichever way served, herring is suitable for skiers, according to nutritionists, but probably better in the evening since herring is not always easy to digest.

Meats such as elk, veal, pork and reindeer is also popular in Are and also the rest of Sweden, but fish still remains more popular. Meat dishes are usually accompanied by jams: the most famous is the lingonberry jam.

Ginger is the basis of the traditional Swedish desserts: Christmas cookies called Pepparkakor, a local dessert native to Are is the lussekatter, which are sweets made with raisins and saffron, and Kanelbulle, cinnamon rolls that have now become a symbol of Swedish cuisine abroad.

The most famous of spirits in Sweden is the punch, born in the mid-eighteenth century, a time when the country had an important role in world trade and, through the Swedish East India Company, was able to have the spices they needed to produce it. In the beginning, it was used as a medicine and drunk warm. It was only towards the end of the nineteenth century when people began to drink it at room temperature or even chilled. Among the typical soft drinks there is the blåbärssoppa, based on blueberry. If you go to Are you must try it, why not in a Jacuzzi hot tub?

There are plenty of wonderful food and drink options in Sweden, as well as those we have mentioned. Perfect for anyone after a hard days skiing!




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