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Andrea McLean joins the Jacuzzi® team of ambassadors

Latest News  /  31 July 2020

Andrea McLean to be first official Jacuzzi® Wellness Ambassador

Andrea McLean is best known for her work on daytime TV, but when she’s not dancing on ice, taking on celebrity SAS training, or anchoring one of Britain’s favourite talk shows, her energy is focused on inspiring her fans to ‘live, learn and thrive’.

This journey first began when Andrea put her career on hold due to ill health. After receiving thousands of messages from women going through similar situations, she was inspired to write what’s now become a best-selling health and wellness book. The success of this book drove Andrea and husband Nick Feeney to join forces and create This Girl is on Fire – a website that continues to empower her following with uplifting content that has self-care at its centre.

“When I announced that I had to have some time off work due to ill health, over 10,000 women contacted the station within hours wanting my advice on how I was going to recover.”

Today, Andrea and her team are encouraging women in more than 75 countries to be their best self, and as a brand dedicated to helping people Feel Better™ every day, the values of Jacuzzi® have been closely aligned since the beginning. To continue on this wellness journey together, we’re pleased to be welcoming Andrea McLean on board as an official Jacuzzi® Wellness Ambassador.

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As part of the team, she’ll be sharing all the ways Jacuzzi® products promote good health in both the mind and body, and how her new hot tub will help enrich the time she spends with her husband and four children.

“One of the things I’m really looking forward to using the Jacuzzi for is getting the whole family together. We’re a family with teenagers, and trying to get everybody in one place at the same time is impossible. But as soon as they saw [the Jacuzzi] arrive… I think things are going to be a little different around here.”

Our installation crew headed over to Andrea’s home this week to fit the all-new J-475™. This immersive hot tub has been redesigned with a number of exciting features – including modern ProFinish™ cabinetry and thoughtful new tech to make owning a Jacuzzi® Hot Tub even simpler – but it’s the seating that made this model an especially fitting choice for Andrea and her family.

As one of our largest spas, the J-475™ has enough space for six, with jets strategically placed to provide a personal hydromassage on a range of heights, and an indulgent lounge seat for enjoying a full body massage when the kids aren’t around.

“I’ve already been in it this morning, before the kids had even got up. That’s one of the things I’m really looking forward to… the whole idea of tip-toeing out into the back garden, lifting the lid, feeling the heat, and sliding in to have a bit of time to myself.”

Andrea McLean will be sharing the impact Jacuzzi® has had on her wellness routine over the coming months. In the meantime, you can see all the ways we’ve enhanced the latest J-400 collection here.


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