Andrea McLean joins the Jacuzzi® team of ambassadors

As part of the team, she’ll be sharing all the ways Jacuzzi® products promote good health in both the mind and body, and how her new hot tub will help enrich the time she spends with her husband and two children.

Upgrading Peter Andre’s Jacuzzi

Despite a demanding schedule of world tours and reality TV, self-care has remained a crucial part of Peter Andre’s busy lifestyle, and he’s been incorporating Jacuzzi® hydrotherapy into his wellness routine since he had his first hot tub installed by Euphoria Lifestyle back in 2009.

Three Benefits to a Relaxing Night In

No matter how you fill your time, many forget to spend any of those precious moments on our ourselves. We often feel like we.. .

The Seven Wonders of Hydromassage

We all know of the breath-taking wonders of the world, but you’ve not lived until you’ve experienced the seven (scientific) wonders of hydromassage, brought.. .

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