The Natural Trends of Summer 2017

Wellness  /  28 July 2017

Summer is the season of the year that offers the biggest diversity of fruits and fresh vegetables, the highest amount of daylight hours to spend outdoor and temperatures that push you to seek shelter in fresh places. All these elements shall ensure that summer is the best period to adopt a greener lifestyle. The green habits can involve all aspects of daily life: from food to beauty, to relaxing and free time activities.

What are the 100% natural trends for summer 2017?

Plant Waters are one of the biggest trends of the season. Initially appreciated by US stars it is now crossing into Europe, it’s about plant extracts and lymph based beverages, which are rich of natural properties. The most used vegetal waters are those based on Birchwood or Maple: the first one helps in removing toxins and the second one offers very efficient natural anti-aging properties.

Seaweed, is another trend, this natural element delivers many beneficial effects on the human body and is more and more appreciated for both nutrition and in the beauty industry. The Spirulina, for example, can be taken as a supplement for food, it is totally natural and rich of nutrients: it actually contains vitamins, minerals and all the eight essential amino acids. But not only that: the Spirulina seaweed is more and more used in the preparation of green cosmetics, thanks to its moisturizing, enlightening and bracing properties.

Plants and herbs get more and more into the world of relaxation and leisure, giving rise to treatments like the Biosauna. This practice lies in between the Finnish sauna (typically dry) and the Turkish bath (more humid), resulting in a sauna with higher humidity yet lower temperature in which the humidity is produced by dried herbs, moistened by the addition of essential oils. This kind of treatment is able to improve microcirculation, to fight muscle pain and rheumatic symptoms, in addition to having benefits for the respiratory system.

Another green trend is Forest Bathing. Originating from Japan, this activity consists of going to places rich of trees and vegetation and dedicating the day entirely to relaxing: whilst it’s not necessary to workout, do meditation or similar things, since just breathing the unpolluted air of nature during a walk or a picnic, fully helps in relaxing the body and brain.


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