Thermal water: an ancient treatment remastered today

Wellness  /  28 March 2017

Water is essential for our lives not only for the key role that plays for our survival but also because it helps to improve our psycho-physical balance. This is possible thanks to the therapeutic features of thermal water.

Thermal benefits are known since ancient times: Hyppocrates was aware of the effectiveness of thermal waters for softening muscular and articular pain, and he began scientific studies about water in the publication Corpus Hippocraticum, defined as the first medical essay of all the times.

Balneotherapy in thermal waters goes way back to unmemorable times: 3000 years ago, Japan gave birth to the first Oriental establishment, the Dogo Onsen. Onsen are the Japanese thermal plants that wisely exploit the Vulcan activity typical of the nation that warms up water till the touching of boiling point.

In the Ancient Rome period, thermae became a real social phenomenon. In this era, the first wellness centers were born. Gyms, theatres and swimming pools became part of the thermal plant, in order to achieve both physical and mental wellness and to align to the modern concept of spas: a sanctuary in which therapy and relax are mixed up.

When Christianity era started arriving in Europe, the social and cultural elements reflected in the Roman establishments moved to the background, in order to focus on the studies of the therapeutic benefits of water. Researches on hydrotherapy, balneotherapy and the medical experimentations continued until the 18th century thanks to the chemical and physical skills achieved during the years.

In 19th century, thermal establishments started to align to the modern connotation, truly linked to the first Japanese and Roman vision. The plant became a temple for wellbeing with parks, swimming pools and hotels for melting relaxation and therapy, maintaining a rigid medical-scientific scent but understanding the need for a total wellness, involving both body and mind.

Man is thus in the center, in its integrity, at 360°. “Mens sana in corpore sano” – the motto of the Ancient -is one of the most important mantra to follow: human body composed by water, the most precious of the elements, once immersed in the same substance gains strength, energy, wellness.

This is the starting point for Jacuzzi too, that in the last century understood the power of discoveries in the Engineering field and how those could enhance water features implementing the first immersion pump that resumes the healing effects of hydrotherapy, giving birth to the first hydromassage tub.

Thanks to the hydromassage, the therapeutic benefits of the water are empowered by the massage action of balancing air and water on the different key parts of the body.

The success of this discovery is well-known all around the world: starting from that moment Jacuzzi grows and grows achieving experience, technology and innovation, designing human-centered projects and reaching the initial aim: people wellbeing.

As a result, the desire to link the ancient tradition to thermal water is satisfied.

A new moment of wellness is being born.


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