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Wellness tips to deal with the “post-holiday blues”

Wellness  /  10 January 2017

After a period of holiday, the routine of coming back to work can cause anxiety and stress: it is the so-called “post-holiday syndrome”. Here are some wellness tips to overcome it and to live the beginning of 2017 to the fullest.

“Post-holiday syndrome” is a term that indicates the difficulty of adaptation to the daily duties after a period of prolonged rest. When they return to work or school, people affected by this suffer from symptoms such as irritability, nervousness and have sleep and mood disturbances. They feel tired and unmotivated and find difficult to re-adapt to the pressing rhythms of work commitments.

Although temporary, these sensations should not be underestimated. Follow these four wellness tips to avoid any post-holiday blues!

#1 Restore the sleep-wake cycle

One of the first things to do is to restore the sleep-wake cycle: go to bed earlier to get more rest and wake up in the morning with more energy. If you have trouble falling asleep, a bath with hydro massage is highly recommended, it promotes sleep and makes you rest better.

#2 Rebalance your nutrition

Especially after the Christmas binge, it is important not to further burden the body with poor nutrition. To detoxify and return to a physical and mental balance, it is advised to avoid fatty foods and to get your fill of nourishments rich in vitamins and minerals, without forgetting to hydrate properly.

#3 Do outdoor physical activity

Outdoor physical activity decreases stress and releases endorphins in the body, substances with euphoric properties that affect positively the mood. Sport, in fact, is the most effective solution to restore mental and physical well-being and January is the best time to start to practice it!

#4 Treat yourself to wellness treatments

Dedicate the weekend to relaxing, which is the ideal way to end the week to recharge and start the next week feeling energised. Wellness centres offer treatments such as sauna and hydrotherapy that relieve muscles’ tension, stimulate circulation giving you a lasting feeling of relaxation for both body and mind.


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