Rising demand for hot tubs in UK holiday homes

Latest News  /  08 April 2022

With brits planning their 2022 summer getaways, holidays closer to home are set to remain a popular choice – specifically where there is a hot tub involved. 

With this in mind, we conducted research using data from Airbnb* to find out just how much holiday makers would be willing to pay for a UK break with a hot tub. The data revealed that the average price for a bubbly addition during summer was £282.68 per night compared to the overall average price of £135.37. As similar difference exists during winter, where the price with a hot tub stands at £232.46 per night compared to the overall average nightly price of £121.55.  

But which areas of the UK are the cheapest when it comes to adding a hot tub to your holiday stay? 

Top 5 cheapest locations for hot tubs this Summer:

LocationAverage price with a hot tub (per night) Average price (per night)
South Wales £105.00£94.00
South Cambridgeshire£127.00£98.00

South Wales topped the list as the least expensive place to holiday with a hot tub, with an average price of £105 per night with a hot tub and £94 per night without. This is certainly a region to consider if you’re looking for all the benefits of a hot tub but without the expense of other areas of the UK.

However, the research also found which locations in the UK pose the biggest additional cost in getting to enjoy the luxury of a hot tub whilst staying at holiday home.

Top 5 most expensive locations for hot tubs in Summer: 

LocationAverage price (per night) Average price with a hot tub (per night) % Increase £ difference
Northumberland £116.00  £670.00 478% £554.00 
Fermanagh £101.00  £514.00 409% £413.00 
Peak District£141.00£635.00 350% £494.00
Cumbria£128.00 £377.00 195% £249.00 

Northumberland topped the summer list with holiday homeowners in this location charging a price increase of £554 in the warmer months (478%), whereas the Peak District presented the biggest winter price increase with £439 (314%).

Top 5 most expensive places for hot tubs in Winter:

LocationAverage price with a hot tub (per night)Average price (per night)% Increase£ difference
Peak District £579.00  £140.00 314% £439.00 
Fife £672.00  £184.00 265% £488.00 
Cheshire £318.00  £134.00 137% £184.00 
Argyll and Bute £259.00  £114.00 127% £145.00 
Dorset £211.00  £102.00 107% £109.00

A hot tub will add an extra dimension to any holiday, offering a dedicated space to gather, socialise and while away the hours. Making the most of purpose-made jets and specially calibrated hydromassage programmes allows you to either target specific muscle groups for pinpoint release of tension, or simply opt for full-body rejuvenation.

For those who own a holiday home or rent out their property to people looking for a short break, there’s certainly value in adding a hot tub to your offering. If you’re considering investing in a hot tub either for your main property or a holiday home, you can find out more about ownership by requesting one of our brochures or chatting to a member of our team. 

All of our hot tubs are constructed with the benefit of 60 years of engineering innovations and the right materials to guarantee a superior product and an experience that’s second to none. 

To learn more about our products explore our Buyer’s Guide to find out which hot tub is perfect for your needs. 

*Data from Airbnb examined the average nightly price for a one weekend stay across 20 locations in the UK. 

Winter data comes from dates in February (12th and 13th

Summer data comes from dates in August (13th and 14th

All data was accurate at the time of research being conducted. 


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