Jacuzzi® is known as a marque of wellness worldwide—but before we came to be the global brand we are today, the Jacuzzi® name originally belonged to an Italian family with an extraordinary story ahead of them.

It begins with the eldest Jacuzzi® brothers…


…who gradually started immigrating to California in the early 1900s. They quickly went from picking fruit to pioneering a number of industry firsts, designing the original enclosed cabin plane, and establishing a new orchard water-pump that led to setting up their very own store in the 1920s. This journey from aviation to agriculture was a rewarding one, but it was the diagnosis of their younger brother that became the inspiration behind their most important breakthrough.

Before turning two, Ken Jacuzzi® contracted a fever that evolved into rheumatoid arthritis…

…a painful condition known to restrict movement in the entire body. While taking Ken to hospital for treatment each month, his parents noticed the positive impact hydrotherapy had on his flexibility and comfort—and so in 1946, the youngest of the seven brothers set out to develop an all-new pump that would bring this technology home and help Ken live a better quality of life.

The finished product was the J-300; a unique portable pump that, when placed in a bath, gave users access to the many benefits of hydrotherapy, whenever they needed it. It was an overnight success, and a moment in history now recognised as the birth of hydromassage.

Candido & Ken Jacuzzi With Original, J-300 Pump
The Jacuzzi Pursuit Of Wellness

The ground-breaking design of the J-300, and the Jacuzzi® family’s pursuit for wellness…

…was just the beginning of generations of innovation yet to come. As a brand-new industry opened ahead of them, the masters of moving air and water got to work creating products designed around relaxation and recovery—and in 1968, the very first fully integrated whirlpool bath was brought to life.

It’s now been over half a century since we first started creating our range of home and commercial products, and self-care has remained a core part of Jacuzzi®’s philosophy. We design every last detail with your wellbeing in mind: our patented PowerPro jets deliver Aqualibrium – the perfect mix of air and water for a high-flow, low-pressure hydromassage – and we place each one in the optimal position for true relaxation from your neck down to your feet. Our ergonomic seating also follows the contours of the human form for added comfort, and every component we use is engineered for excellence… even the ones you can’t see.

Elements Coming Together

It’s when all these elements come together…

…that Jacuzzi® becomes more than the sum of its parts. Through innovative technology and thoughtful design, we create hot tubs, swim spas, saunas and other wellness products with the power to improve lives. For some, our name symbolises the heart of fitness and health, and others, simply the chance to step outside and indulge in some time out.

Either way, Jacuzzi® is here to help you feel better every day™.

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