Finland, homeland of ski and wellness, is the second destination of the Ski World Cup

Sport  /  01 December 2016

Among the nearly 80 ski resorts in Finland, Levi is the most famous one because every year it hosts the Slalom of FIS Ski World Cup. This year the event was between November 12th and 13th, 2016.

The ski season in Finland lasts for the most part of the year: starting in autumn when, thanks to the early snow coverage it is possible to ski. The snow continues through until the beginning of May. This is why Finland is an annual destination of the Alpine Ski World Cup: the proximity to the North Pole implies that the Slalom athletes can compete with temperatures far below zero, in the very heart of winter weather.

This year in Levi, on November 12th and 13th, the first Special Slalom of the season ended with the runners-up of the previous races in Sölden on top of the podium in both the mens and womens races. Marcel Hirscher for the male Slalom and Mikaela Shiffrin for the female event.

Waiting for the champions, there was the steaming Jacuzzi hot tub, to deliver an effective hydromassage.

Hydromassage is the ideal treatment to stretch the muscles and release tension, especially after an intense physical activity like skiing, the warmth of the water counteracts the discomforts caused by cold and the strong wind to which athletes are subjected.

Long since the Finns have their technique to relax and cope with low temperatures: sauna derives from an ancient tradition and is a fundamental part of the culture of this Country. The need to purify the body and mind is the same underlying the hydromassage, which is why these two treatments are often combined in wellness centres and in the many Finnish spa.

Athletes or tourists, experiencing the spirit of Finland, have nothing to do but be enchanted by its breathtaking landscapes, and pampered in a spa with a hot sauna and a relaxing hydromassage.


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