Aquasoul Double: the whirlpool bath to share your wellness experience

Latest News  /  11 January 2018

The Aquasoul Double whirlpool bath by Jacuzzi is the ideal choice to take care of yourself and indulge in the pleasure of intense relaxation, or to share a wellness experience with those you love. The elegance of the design together with the comfort and the ergonomic shape, completes and intensifies the quality of the hydromassage.

Why choose the Aquasoul Double whirlpool bath by Jacuzzi?

Aquasoul whirlpool baths by Jacuzzi are models with an extraordinary capacity that, thanks to the internal depthand ergonomic shapes, allows you to immerse yourself in the water up to the shoulders and enhance the effects of the hydromassage.

The Aquasoul Double by Jacuzzi, as the other whirlpool baths in the Aquasoul collection is equipped with the multi-program Aquasystem® technology, which is activated with a single gesture of the remote control and allows you to choose between 4 types of wellness – Silence, Breath, Renew, Dream – in tune with the mood and the needs of every single moment.

The hydromassage is delivered by 4 TargetPro™ jets, which can be adjusted as desired, and 6 rotating jets positioned in the backrest, distributed through the ergonomic seats. The Aquasoul Double bath tub can comfortably accommodate two people as it is equipped with two seats and two soft gel headrests, making it the ideal choice for couples, and for anyone who loves to share moments of relaxation together.

The quality of the experience in the Aquasoul Double whirlpool bath is enhanced by the heating system, thanks to which the water temperature remains constant throughout the duration of the bath, recreating the true sensation of a thermal bath.

Rainbow Lighting brings further benefits: a real chromotherapy session for a total well-being that involves the body and the mind. With Rainbow Lighting you can select colors with fixed light or color sequences, to be chosen according to the energetic qualities that you need, both physically and emotionally.

What are the features of the Aquasoul Double whirlpool bath?

Aquasoul Double by Jacuzzi is a rectangular bath tub that can be installed as a built-in or corner installation. The modern and refined design can be further enhanced by a white perimeter light that creates a suggestive atmosphere. Here are the main features:

  • 2 seats and 2 gel backrests, to enjoy a relaxing hydromassage together;
  • 4 TargetPro™ jets, customisable thanks to the adjustable flow, intensity and power;
  • 6 rotating jets gently massage the back with a circular movement and dissolve the tensions;
  • an electronic remote control to activate and control the options offered;
  • an optional heater that regulates and maintains the water temperature up to a maximum of 40°;
  • the Rainbow Lighting combines the therapeutic effects of color with the beneficial action of water;
  • sanitising system that disinfects with minimal effort.

For more information on Aquasoul Double whirlpool bath, click here or contact the nearest retailer to see the difference of a Jacuzzi hydromassage.



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