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The Birth of Hydromassage: Ken Jacuzzi’s Story

Latest News  /  13 April 2016

You may know a little about the origin of our brand, but have you heard Ken Jacuzzi’s story? Ken was in fact the inspiration behind the very first Jacuzzi hydrotherapy pump, after being diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis at the tender age of two.

After his first experience with hydrotherapy via a stainless steel tank recommended to him by his doctor, Ken and his family noticed how comfortable, pain free and flexible the young boy soon became. With this in mind and eager to make his son’s daily life as pain-free as possible, Ken’s father Candido Jacuzzi set about inventing something similar that they could use in their bath tub at home and the first ever Jacuzzi pump was born.

Seeing just how beneficial the pump proved to be, Ken’s doctor asked Candido to market the pump for other people so they could also feel the benefit of hydrotherapy – and the rest is history!

Now, at the age of 74 years old, Ken is a true living testament to how great hydrotherapy can be for your health.

Find out more about Ken Jacuzzi’s incredible and touching life story in our video below.


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