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MyWay: The whirlpool bath for total relaxation

Latest News  /  12 December 2017

Jacuzzi® whirlpool baths are the heart of the Jacuzzi brand and is the original invention that started the history of home hydrotherapy. MyWay is a model dedicated to those who want a whirlpool bath tub with a profile that fits perfectly in any type of environment, and with a the depth that allows you to completely immerse yourself in a unique wellness experience.

Why choose the MyWay whirlpool bath?

Every Jacuzzi whirlpool bath is designed with a special focus on the positioning and orientation of the jets to optimise the effects of hydrotherapy. The jets, which provide a perfect blend of air and water, are inclined at 30° to allow the right massage from the periphery to the heart, and can be oriented in any direction to ensure maximum personalisation. The MyWay whirlpool bath tub is equipped with 5 TargetPro™ jets which are specially targeted at the lower limbs to improve blood circulation, and the dorsal and lumbar area for a total body massage. A further 3 rotating Twirl jets provide tension relieving treatments across the shoulders.

The design of Jacuzzi whirlpool baths is the result of careful research: deeper than traditional bathtubs, each Jacuzzi tub has an ergonomic bottom and sides to accommodate all types of physique and allow optimal circulation of water. The MyWay collection has a depth that ensures total immersion of the body for a complete wellness experience.

Features of MyWay whirlpool bath?

The MyWay whirlpool bath is available in two versions: MyWay 170 and MyWay 180. Both models have the same depth of 57 cm, but they differ in length and width: 170 x 75 cm for the MyWay 170180 x 80 cm for the MyWay 180. In addition the MyWay 180 also has built-in armrests which are a useful support for sitting and relaxing in the tub.

Both MyWay whirlpool baths feature:

  • 5 TargetPro™ jets which are adjustable for complete personalisation target the lower limbs, dorsal and lumbar regions
  • 3 rotating jets positioned on the backrest provide a deep and revitalizing massage to the whole shoulder area
  • soft polyurethane gel headrest that provides comfort and support to the head throughout the hydrotherapy session
  • the Rainbow lighting illuminates the bathtub and colours it with a sequence of relaxing or stimulating colours or with static colours
  • touch controls are integrated into the bath tub that allow you to activate the hydromassage, adjust the air and turn on or off the Rainbow lighting
  • wood effect and fabric effect panels that, together with the classic brilliant white, perfectly fit into any contemporary bathroom.

Each model of MyWay whirlpool bath is available for built-in, back to the wall, corner or niche installation, and is available in a left hand or right hand configuration.

Learn more about the MyWay whirlpool bath or contact your nearest retailer to see first-hand the excellence of Jacuzzi hydrotherapy.


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