Spas: A medical treatment or a 360° wellbeing programme?

Latest News  /  17 July 2017

At the Fuorisalone 2017 event, Jacuzzi presented Thermal H2O®, the new collection of bath tubs designed for thermal spring water. At the event, we took the opportunity to ask to the visitors what they thought about thermal treatments: does one go to the spa just for medical treatments and to cure physical problems, or there is a broader purpose behind?

Dodo Arslan, eclectic designer, is the first to answer: once upon a time it was common to go to the spas to solve physical ailments, such as problems on the shoulders or on the back and so on. Today instead, one visits the spa for a refreshing and invigorating session, to recover from tiredness and stress. The athletes like skiers, for instance, after a challenging competition feel the need to completely relax with a hot tub treatment in a small pool. The usual stretching is not enough anymore.

Even the architect Matteo Nunziati is changing his way of “recovering”: there’s need to feel a mental and physical wellbeing spread in the whole body. In his specific case, he can confirm that the demand of buildings with entire floors dedicated to spas is increasing more and more. This essentially finds origin in the private request of prosperity and this type of experience is emerging in the everyday life.

Federica Bieller, marketing and communication designer at “QC Terme”, introduces us to a practical example that proves how the spa sector can become a physical and mental cure for all intents and purposes. In the past 20 years QC Terme has already been proposing a more traditional curative therapy combined with a more modern concept of “cure” based on wellbeing, which helps to prevent injuries and moods that can affect the physical health.

In the point of view of the architect and hotel designer Stefano Pediconi, it’s necessary to go beyond the curative and medical part: “wellness doesn’t mean just to feel good from the physical aspect, but even socially and in the environment where one lives”. A spa that focuses strictly on physical pain is a limited experience, which doesn’t satisfy the real need for a complete 360° wellbeing.


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