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Elite Performance Blog: Super League CEO

Latest News  /  17 September 2020

Last Weekend, Jacuzzi® Elite Performance Partners, Hull FC, wore a special edition kit sponsored by Jacuzzi® as part of a recently extended partnership with the club.

Having been working with the club since 2018, Jacuzzi® are Hull FC’s Elite Performance Partners, including naming rights for their first-team training ground.

The facility includes a state-of-the-art hydromassage recovery spa, provided by Jacuzzi®.

Jacuzzi® also feature on the club’s official warm-up jerseys, as well as enjoying other activation around the club.

we caught up with Hull FC Chief Executive, James Clark, to find out a bit more about the partnership.

Q: Tell us a bit more about the partnership and how it came about?

“We have been working closely with Jacuzzi® for a number of years now and it was clear immediately that there was a genuine synergy between the two brands and the people involved with developing the partnership – through health, wellness, heritage and a hunger for creative activation.

“We have a great relationship with Andy Bewicke (Business Development Director) and Duncan Simcox (Managing Director) and those relationships have really helped us grow and evolve this partnership over time – as there is a real interest and benefit for both Jacuzzi® and Hull FC.

“We’re also extremely fortunate locally to be able to boast Europe’s largest distributor of Jacuzzi® products who are based in Hull, a company called Outdoor Living, owned by a lifelong Hull FC supporter, Paul Margerison.

“He has been key as well to nurturing this partnership, which is a perfect fit for us as it ties into our values of not only developing high-profile partnerships, but also ensuring we remain committed to our mantra of ‘Hull&Proud’, working closely with local, hardworking companies who are the lifeblood of club’s and communities like ours.”

Q: You reference the word partnership rather than sponsorship? Is that deliberate?

“Absolutely. It defines the relationship for me. Our partnership is about working together, enhancing both organisations over the long-term.

“I’d say the landscape of commercial sports agreements has changed. It is no longer transactional. Partnerships of this kind are growing, particularly for brands of this size and scale, and it is relationship driven.

“Activation is becoming more and more creative, the way in which we promote and measure the value of the partnerships is changing, particularly with the exponential growth of digital media and the way in which we publish and receive content, whilst brand advocacy and affinity is now key.”

“Jacuzzi® have become an integral part of our club and rather than just sponsoring our club, their ideas and products are of real benefit to our players. That’s why it is regarded as an Elite Performance Partnership.

“The people involved and the two companies, plus Outdoor Living, really do compliment each other very well.

Q: The Jacuzzi® Elite Performance Centre is obviously integral to this partnership. Tell us a bit more about the facility?

“That has become the central feature really of the partnership that highlights exactly how Jacuzzi® are playing their part in developing our team for elite sport.

“Their narrative is all centred around ‘Recover Faster, Perform Better’, which we can demonstrate first-hand. We have a state-of-the-art hydromassage recovery tub in the training ground, whilst they’re also helping and advising on other training aids.

“The spa is used daily by our players as part of their preparation and recovery. It is  becoming a key component in professional sports training environments, although still advanced for pro rugby, whilst Jacuzzi® can boast a host of other beneficial products for both individuals and teams.

“Aside from recovery, for me, there is somewhat what of a placebo effect for players too.

 When players feel like they’re being given the state-of-the-art tools, training in a professional looking environment, branded by a high-profile, internally recognised partner like Jacuzzi®, it heightens that sense of professionalism and elite and encourages them to train harder and perform better.

“It is all about raising standards and continually trying to improve that year on year. Performances on the field can only improve with the right environment, methods, equipment, people and culture behind the scenes.”

Q: We hear that more exciting announcements are on the way, can you tell us any more?

“We can’t say too much at this stage, as we have been sworn to secrecy!

“2021 will certainly be the most established year to date for the Jacuzzi® brand in terms of their exposure at Hull FC and within the sport, including further links to our performance department.

“Brand awareness will be extremely prominent, whilst we will also be focusing on some more specific activation projects, including some strategic use of social media and fan engagement projects, working closely in the local area with Outdoor Living.

“The important thing throughout the partnership is that we are continually evaluating and evolving what works and making sure we are delivering some tangible value and benefits for both Jacuzzi® and the club, which are monitored in many forms and these are not always just financially driven.

“I’m excited to see where this partnership will go in the future, as well as watching Jacuzzi® further established themselves in elite sport, knowing we helped them on that journey.”


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