Nutrition Tips For Skiers

Performance  /  24 November 2015

Nutrition is essential when you’re skiing and it also plays a big part when it comes to the best moment of the day. Who doesn’t enjoy eating great food and fuelling up for the slopes?!

So, what is the best food to eat before skiing?

Believe it or not, a good choice is dark chocolate. According to a recent study, when small doses of dark chocolate were eaten in combination with regular exercise, performance was boosted by 50%.

Dark chocolate contains the plant compound epicatechin, which is known to stimulate muscle growth in a similar way to physical actvivity, such as jogging ! The cocoa also contains antioxidants that release endorphins and keep you going for longer.

On the other hand, drinking alcohol before skiing is not advised. There is a common myth that alcohol can protect you from the cold, as it warms your body up. However, this fleeting sensation of warmth  does not last long and once the effect has worn off, you can feel a lot colder.

So if you’re looking to heat up during the chilly ski season, then unwind in a Jacuzzi hot tub instead!


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