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Upgrading Peter Andre’s Jacuzzi

Latest News  /  28 July 2020

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Despite a demanding schedule of world tours and reality TV, self-care has remained a crucial part of Peter Andre’s busy lifestyle, and he’s been incorporating Jacuzzi hydrotherapy into his wellness routine since he had his first hot tub installed by Euphoria Lifestyle back in 2009.

Based in Sussex, Euphoria Lifestyle is one of Jacuzzi’s most well-established UK dealers, and Managing Director Mike Robinson has a long history of helping this pop-star and TV personality get the very best enjoyment out of his Jacuzzi.

We first met Peter in 2009, when he asked if we’d be interested in supplying a Jacuzzi hot tub for his home in Sussex and getting involved in his reality TV show. Within days, Pete and his film crew came down to our showroom at Squires of Washington Garden Centre to look at our collection. He settled on a Jacuzzi J-480, our flagship model at the time—primarily due to the spacious seating, great hydromassage jets and leading technology. Our relationship has evolved from there, and we’ve continued to service and valet the tub ever since, completing a planned upgrade in 2016 to the latest J-480 with inbuilt Bluetooth stereo, and now in 2020 to make sure Peter continues to enjoy the latest technological innovations by Jacuzzi.

While a lot’s changed for Peter over the past decade—including welcoming two new arrivals—Jacuzzi has remained a staple in the Andre household. In his current reality TV series, Life with the Andres, Peter recalls how the J-480 has evolved from a centrepiece for entertaining friends, to what’s now a favourite family pastime all year round.

Life couldn’t be any more different (now), I mean it’s just a family tub, the kids are obsessed with it—they love it .

Throughout this transition, one Jacuzzi routine that’s stood the test of time is Peter Andre’s fitness regime. As well as being a source of relaxation, the Jacuzzi spa acts as an aid for recovery, and Peter has frequently spoken about how spending time in the hot tub has become standard post-workout practice; adjusting the temperature to enjoy the healing benefits of both intense heat and a stimulating plunge-pool effect.

It’s a hot tub in the winter and it’s swimming pool temperature in the summer, it’s perfect.

Now it’s time for a new model, Peter Andre has opted for yet another design from the J-400 line. The J-475™, is a direct upgrade from his previous hot tub, reimagined with a range of thoughtful new features that are shaping the next generation of spa ownership.

As part of Jacuzzi’s Designer Collection, every last detail of the J-475 adds something to the soaking experience, from the immersive high-back shell with adjustable headrests to the contemporary Pro-Finish cabinetry and accent corner lighting that surround it. But it’s the technology inside that really sets this model apart from its predecessors.

Jacuzzi’s exclusive SmartTub™, feature means users can now connect to their wellbeing via smart phone, watch or speaker. This innovative system uses 3G cell technology to place all the hot tub controls you could think of into one personal app, allowing you to set up reminders for routine maintenance, or simply turn the jets on before you get home.

You can watch behind the scenes footage of how Euphoria Lifestyle installed the all-new J-475 at Andre’s Sussex home on our social media. We’ll also be welcoming Peter onto a celebrity special of the Jacuzzi Performance Podcast to talk more about his training routine, top tips for keeping fit, and how the new SmartTub has made self-care a seamless part of his busy schedule. Keep checking back to see when it’s live.


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