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Podcast  /  10 November 2020

“I have had a passion for swimming since I was a youngster, I loved everything about it from the feel of the water, to how precise things needed to be to see results and to how honest the work had to be to achieve goals. Through my junior career I broke British Records, became National Champion multiple times, and won the Youth Commonwealth all in my main event, the 200 Breaststroke. As a senior I was also the 4th faster ever Englishman in this event.

I took an early retirement from competitive swimming (age 21) due to my passion for swimming transitioning from my own swimming in the pool into coaching on the poolside. From age 20 I had started building up a private coaching business which had grown into something special. In March of 2020 I decided to take a step back from competitive swimming to focus on this business and my work with Olympic Champion Adam Peaty in our own venture with the vision to change the sport of swimming worldwide.

I have been working with Jacuzzi since November 2019 and we had a joint aspiration to explore and unpick the stories, triumphs, failures, and learnings of many different elite athletes. The aim of the podcast is to share stories from people all around the world, from different professional backgrounds who are all world class in their respective fields and show how their approaches can be applied not just in sport but to all aspects of life to help people perform and feel better. It’s an honour to host the podcast as it has given me the opportunity to speak to some of the people, I have looked up to for years but also as I get to hear first-hand how Jacuzzi ambassadors are changing the world in their fields.” – Edward Baxter


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