Jacuzzi: Providing The Best Solutions For Your Business

Professional  /  27 January 2016

Excellent service is just as important as great products.

That’s why customer care is at the top of our priorities here at Jacuzzi HQ. Our commercial team are able to do site visits, plans, and help to guide any potential customers through the process of choosing the right tubs for them.

We believe that people are key for the success of Jacuzzi and our commercial team are able to understand the long-term needs in the hospitality sector and to provide the best solutions for hotels and resorts.

The growth prospects of the wellness industry are exciting: the ongoing project Jacuzzi Original Wellness Hotel offers hospitality professionals the opportunity to optimise the business structure and increase both profitability and customer satisfaction.

The Jacuzzi Original Wellness Hotel status offers the opportunity of partnership with a brand of excellence to maximize the profitability of your business, the chance to attract more customers by offering not only great hospitality but also a spa experience, more value to the property and more visibility: you will be included in the Jacuzzi Original Wellness Hotel directory on our website.


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