Chromotherapy: Promoting physical and mental benefits through colour

Wellness  /  01 June 2017

Taken from the view of an ancient oriental philosophy in which each colour of the rainbow has a unique energy which influences the mood and helps to restore natural balance to the body, today Chromotherapy is used alongside a number of other health treatments as a natural therapeutic treatment delivering benefits to both the mind and body.

Chromotherapy and hot tubs

Many health spas use chromotherapy treatments in tandem with other treatments to build up sensory paths and treatment cycles. Combining the therapeutic effects of warm water on the body and the massaging effect of the jets with the specific actions of colour, the hot tub can strengthen the physical and mental advantages of chromotherapy.

Considering both the physical and mental benefits of chromotherapy on the body and mind, Jacuzzi offers Chromodream®: a lighting system which enables the use of colour during a hydrotherapy session. Chromodream® allows you to select either an individual colour and or a series of changing colour used within Chromotherapy to suit their needs.

Every colour has unique benefits

Each individual colour in the chromatic range of the rainbow has a unique influence:

  • Red, particularly a warm shade of red delivers an invigorating and refreshing effect associated with power, energy and vitality.
  • Orange promotes both enthusiasm and positivity making it ideal to brighten the mood and deliver joy.
  • Yellow is ideal for those in periods of study as yellow helps to improve levels of concentration.
  • Green with its calming and serene effects is the perfect colour to help alleviate apprehension and stress
  • Blue with the cold tone it delivers is ideal for facilitating relaxation and inner peace.
  • Indigo has a unique effect on sight, the frequency of the light helps to alleviate pain related to sight and headaches
  • Purple helps to promote inspiration which in turn helps to increase levels of creativity.


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