New Year’s Eve

Hospitality  /  05 January 2016

What is your #bestmomentoftheday?

The answer is different for everyone but undoubtedly New Year’s Eve is a popular choice… One of those days when it seems everyone is attending a party, even if perhaps all you want is to stay at home, or go to a luxurious hotel for the night to immerse yourself in a Jacuzzi hot tub and relax.

However you spent it, we want to know –  how was your New Year’s Eve? A long awaited night for many people: some like to analyse the year that is just ending, some people think about the goals they have for the new year, whilst others just want to have fun, postponing their problems until January 2nd.

Whether you were at home, on holiday, travelling, or even at work: New Year’s Eve is not the same for everyone. Share your New Year’s experiences with us using the hashtag #bestmomentoftheday.

When you share with us, you will receive discounts on selected Jacuzzi ranges so get reminiscing today and share your New Year’s photos at http://moments.jacuzzi.co.uk/


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