Perfectly cleanse your skin after Halloween

Wellness  /  31 October 2017

Halloween is the perfect opportunity to get creative and transform yourself into a scary creature for the night. Thanks to cosmetics that allow you to create more and more realistic effects and accessories that perfectly stick to the skin, you can get really amazing effects! But after the party you once you come home you’ll have to take care of your skin. Here’s some advice to follow:

Completely remove make-up

First of all, remove any accessories and anything that has been applied with glue. In order not to ruin your skin, soften makeup with a jojoba oil-based emollient. Massage gently with your dry fingers and let it act for a few minutes, rinse and remove the rest of the makeup with water-based products, paying attention to the contours of the eyes where the skin is more sensitive.

Purify in the sauna

A sauna is a great solution for purifying the skin after wearing a heavy make-up. Cosmetics and lotions can block the pores and lead to the formation of acne and painful cysts. Sauna heat opens the pores and expels the toxins accumulated through sweat helping avoid infections. It also cleanses the skin by freeing it from dead cells, and exposes a new layer of skin that appears immediately younger and fresher.

Moisturise with cream

As a final step for perfect skin, treat your skin with a good hydrating moisturiser! For those with oily skin, a water-based moisturiser is recommended, while for normal or dry skin you can choose one that contains emollient oils. Sensitive skin needs a moisturiser with medicinal or soothing properties like camomile or aloe, making sure it does not contain scents or alcohol-based substances.


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