The Seven Wonders of Hydromassage

Wellness  /  18 July 2019

We all know of the breath-taking wonders of the world, but you’ve not lived until you’ve experienced the seven (scientific) wonders of hydromassage, brought to you by Jacuzzi.

As well as complete relaxation, a Jacuzzi hot tub can also provide some amazing short and long-term health and wellness benefits – read on to find out more…

1) De-stress

Reducing stress is all about quieting your mind and letting relaxation take over. Hot tub jets can help work out the tension that manifests itself in physical form. When combined with deep breathing and a calm setting, your hot tub can be your stress-free haven.

2) Relieve lower back pain

This all-too-common and irksome-issue affects many people regardless of age and fitness capabilities. One non-medical way to cope is with hydrotherapy. The buoyancy and warmth of the water helps to bring relief to sore muscles while jets in the therapy seats provide concentrated treatment on the lower back.

3) Calm restless leg syndrome and leg cramps

If you’ve had leg cramps or you suffer with restless leg syndrome, you will understand the frustrating inability to enjoy a good night’s sleep. Relaxing in a hot tub before bed can help calm those feelings, with doctors reporting that changes in temperature bring additional healing benefits as well.

4) Improve sleep

A good night’s sleep is essential, but many people have trouble achieving the amount of sleep their bodies need. Experts recommend a bedtime ritual – which can include 20 minutes in a hot tub – to promote relaxation and to prepare the body for sleep. Besides the calming feel of a hot tub, when you exit the warm water your body temperature cools, which signals your braid that it’s time to hit the hay.

5) Find relief from fibromyalgia

Although it is still somewhat of a medical mystery, fibromyalgia has the major symptoms of musculoskeletal pain fatigue and mood changes. Sitting in a hot tub has been found to help those with fibromyalgia not only to relax, but to take away some of the pain in joints.

6) Recover from exercise

Immersing yourself in warm water, enhanced by the powerful massaging pulse from the jets, can relieve post-work-out aches and pains ad help release lactic acid (the cause of muscle soreness). You can even target specific areas like your legs after a long run or your shoulders after a session of weight training.

7) Relief from Arthritis

The search for arthritis relief is what inspired the original in-house hydrotherapy pump. That’s because the warm water stimulates blood flow to stiff muscles and tender joints and allows arthritis sufferers to do some gentle stretching. In addition to reducing pain overall, studies have shown that hydromassage even helps some people with arthritis to increases grip strength. Hot tubs mimic what the jetted bathtub provides with the added benefit of ergonomic seating, while allowing you to enjoy the outdoors alone, or with family and friends.


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