Treat your feet after a long hard day

Wellness  /  18 September 2017

Health and fitness has never been such a big focus in the UK, with the rise in clean eating and the encouragement of reaching a certain amount of ‘steps’ a day to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

We all know that staying active through exercise and diet is important, but while we pound the ground whether running or walking, our poor feet take all the strain and unfortunately for feet, they’re the one body part we tend to pay the least attention to… until now.

The benefits of a Jacuzzi foot massage

When your feet are under stress, blood flow is limited, so a gentle foot massage can really help to improve circulation. Once stress is relieved through your feet, the flow of blood is increased which really helps to restore tired feet.

A hydrotherapy foot massage can also help to loosen tense compacted muscles, ligaments and tendons that are put under a great deal of stress and pressure on a daily basis. The water and bubbles relieve any pressure stored in the tissues of your feet, helping flexibility and movement to be restored.

As comfort is key, Jacuzzi hot tubs have been designed to allow you to readjust the state-of-the-art PowerPro® Jets to target specific body parts, in this instance, feet.

Whether you’re looking for a gentle, or a more intense massage, the jets can be aligned to pinpoint specific areas to aid stress relief and send you and your feet into deep relaxation.


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