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An experience of thermal wellness through virtual reality

Events  /  05 June 2017

At the Fuorisalone 2017 event, Jacuzzi launched the Thermal H2O® project in an innovative way. Thermal H2O®: a collection of whirlpool baths that adapts to treatments with spa water and enhances the beneficial effects of hot water thanks to the excellence of Jacuzzi technology.

Through the ages thermal water was recognised as a treatment which delivered huge benefits to the body and brain: starting from enhancing the quality of sleep, to the reduction of anxiety and stress, and finally the improvement of blood flow. Jacuzzi has developed a range of products which enhances the natural properties of thermal water by combining it with the benefits of mixing water with air. Jets massage specific areas of the body and are adjustable to create an experience of “tailor-made” wellness.

The project Thermal H2O®, was revealed at Fuorisalone 2017, in the ancient deconsecrated church of San Corpoforo, where Jacuzzi gave visitors a taste of the enveloping and relaxing sensations that these bath tubs are able to create.

For the launch, one of the five models in the collection was installed. The enveloping design enables a deep and relaxing immersion; users lying down in the bath and wearing a special viewer, were able to enjoy an incredible experience through virtual reality in which they were teleported in a suggestive landscape, surrounded by natural environments of hot thermal waters. The same experience was projected around the installation, with lights, colours and sounds that created a very peaceful atmosphere, inside a really well attended event.

Figures reveal the success of the event: in just five days 4000 visitors took part, among which architects, designers, journalists, bloggers and well-being lovers, attending from 60 different countries. The experience of Thermal H2O® excited all those who experienced it with over 70 hours of use.

The need of wellness is a practical reality, and Jacuzzi once again has been able to seize this need by creating the Thermal H2O® collection, which for the first time was known by the people during the event, by transforming a virtual experience into a physical real one.


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