What impact does physical well-being have on your mental well-being?

Events  /  11 August 2017

During the “Fuorisalone 2017” event, Jacuzzi interviewed a number of guests during the launch of the Thermal H2O® whirlpool bath collection to understand how the well-being world is changing, especially in the spa/wellness centre industry. The trend of visiting a spa for total well-being therapy, is increasing more and more, and the general consensus is guests don’t just visit for traditional treatments but because of the need to relax and to pull the plug from the stresses of daily life.

In which way does a physical therapy like a thermal treatment affect our state of mind?

For the architect and hotel designer Stefano Pediconi, the goal of a psychological and physical relaxation has to be delivered within in the treatment itself: body well-being comes through a treatment that also has to be complementary to emotional well-being. Only in this way the guest can catch up with the harmony between physical and mental well-being lost during the everyday stress.

To reach a total well-being state one has to feel completely at his ease. Dodo Arslan, designer, explains what those within the spa industry is aiming to achieve: making guests enjoy a different experience which makes them feel different, physically and mentally, when they leave. Those who visit the spa enter with a stressed state of mind to something similar to nirvana when they leave, because one is encouraged to slow down and to focus on one’s own feelings.

Federica Bieller, from QC Therme, summarizes this concept in a few words: “instant gratification, vitality, joy and pleasure”. This is the saying of all its thermal centres, which actually concentrate on their guests’ demands and emotions, always trying to surpass their expectations. Because personal gratification is as important as physical well-being.

The architect Matteo Nunziati confirms that this trend is spreading in the new structures of hotels and wellness centres: in new buildings, entire floors are dedicated to spas during the design phase, because there is an understanding between the need of interior well-being and exterior one, more related to the body. Heading home or going to the hotel and facing the opportunity to relax in a spa gives us a sensation of complete fulfilment and allows to pull the plug from the intense stresses of ordinary life.


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