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Aura whirlpool baths: a marriage of ergonomics and elegance

Latest News  /  23 July 2018

Aura is a collection of whirlpool baths that best represents the classic Jacuzzi tradition. The clean and essential lines of Aura bathtubs make them particularly suitable for those who love a minimal and contemporary design, yet at the same time look for all the comfort of an ergonomic whirlpool bath. Available in eight different models differing by shape, capacity and materials, each Aura whirlpool bath provides a touch of elegance to any space.

Why choose a Jacuzzi Aura whirlpool bath?

Most models in the Aura whirlpool bath collection are recessed, which is the optimal solution for anyone looking for an effortless soak. For those who want a corner of comfort that is integrated with the aesthetics of the home environment, or for those who love design that is understated and clean but refined at the same time the Aura collection offers the perfect design. The marriage of functionality and attention to aesthetics is the main feature of the Aura range, which offers the maximum in terms of hydromassage, ergonomics and elegance.

The finishes of each Aura whirlpool bath are understated and refined and differ according to the model.

What are the features of the Aura whirlpool baths?

All the Aura whirlpool bathtubs are equipped with adjustable ergonomic headrests that guarantee even further levels of relaxation during the hydromassage session.

Dorsal hydromassage from the rotating jets performs an effective massage on the back dissolving any muscle tension is a signature across the Aura collection and the high overflow hidden under the rim allows you to soak your entire body while avoiding annoying water spillage.

For more information on Aura whirlpool baths visit the Aura collection or contact the nearest retailer to experience the Jacuzzi excellence


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