Dealer Spotlight – Hydrolife

Latest News  /  10 April 2019

We caught up with Cara Bradney, Marketing Manager at Hydrolife to find out why Jacuzzi is the only hot tub brand they recommend and sell to their customers…

1. Tell us a bit about yourself?

We are Hydrolife, a family run business with a great bunch of enthusiastic people. Our biggest focus is on customer experience. We want you to be uber comfortable with our team and be completely happy, before, during and after purchasing a Jacuzzi from us. We have 3 fantastic showrooms in Surrey, Northants and Cheshire and will soon be opening our 4th showroom in Kent. This makes us the largest exclusively Jacuzzi dealership in the UK, proudly representing the brand for nearly 10 years!

2. What do you enjoy most about selling Jacuzzi hot tubs?

The most enjoyable element about selling Jacuzzi products is that we are selling Jacuzzi… Instead of representing multiple brands we have done our due diligence to find, what we feel to be, is the best brand on the market and one that backs up our customer service. We only work with brands that have a great history, produce excellent innovative products and are built to last. That left us with only one choice, Jacuzzi! With customer well-being at the heart of everything and a warranty backed up by Jacuzzi right here in the UK – there’s peace of mind for everyone.

3. What are your three top tips for first time hot tub buyers?

1) Always think about why you want a hot tub in the first place.
2) Too much research can prove counterproductive, so don’t get drawn in by flashing lights, funky fountains and pop up TVs – we recommend focussing on massage quality, great filtration, low running costs and sensitive styling
3) Don’t settle for a “that’ll do” hot tub – buy a Jacuzzi and it will serve you for 15 years or more.

4. Swim spa’s are increasing in popularity; why do you think that is?

In our opinion, the boom in Swim Spa’s are for two reasons. Firstly, it’s a swimming pool, not a big hot tub, which means it is a highly cost-effective way to have all the benefits of a swimming pool at a fraction of the cost. Secondly, it brilliantly mixes fun and fitness together, which we know is at the heart of a huge number of families across the country.

5. What would you say are the added benefits of a swim spa over a traditional swimming pool?

There are clear benefits of a Swim Spa over a Swimming Pool. The most glaringly obvious is the cost efficiency, tens of thousands of pounds are saved on buying, installing and running a Swim Spa. For less money focused reasons, it’s all about space, almost any garden can have one. Just like looking after a hot tub, minimal time and effort is required with no costly specialist support needed. Finally, it is the only true ‘swimming’ aid, delivering an endless swimming experience, to train, develop ability and drive fitness in today’s busy families.


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