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Frame shower cabin: a door to wellness

Latest News  /  12 March 2018

Frame by Jacuzzi is more than just a shower cubicle, it is a multisensory experience that invites you to live the experience of having a spa in your own home. Purify yourself with an aromatic Turkish bath, relax with a shiatsu hydromassage or revitalize with a colour shower: thanks to Frame there is always the right treatment for every moment.

Why choose the Frame shower cabin by Jacuzzi?

Designed by Mario FerrariniFrame by Jacuzzi is a shower cabin that frames the wellness experience as a work of art. The clean and essential design creates a spatial continuity between the shower compartment and the floor that fits perfectly into the surrounding space. The large frame houses the compartment in a harmonious way, and constitutes a “door to wellness”: a threshold that limits the stress of everyday life and invites you to access another dimension, an engaging universe where you can experience a moment of total relaxation dedicated to self-care.

Frame represents the perfect synthesis between functionality and aesthetics, in which Jacuzzi technology is camouflaged with the contemporary lines of the structure in a discrete and refined way, but emerges in all its power with a simple touch of the fingers. Just lightly touch the electronic control panel to have access to the shower’s many functions and activate a unique experience that is adaptable to the needs of the moment: pulsating and nebulized rain shower, energizing waterfallTurkish bathchromotherapyaromatherapy and of course, hydromassage. In addition to the classic vertical, cervical and lumbar hydromassage, for the first time in a shower cabin the shiatsu hydromassage function is also provided, for an effective and deep massage.

With Frame, the space dedicated to wellness becomes a small private temple: from the search for a moment of relaxation to a true and deep hydrotherapy session.

What are the features of the Frame shower cabin?

The Jacuzzi Frame collection is available in the dimensions 100 x 75 cm120 x 80 cm and also in the double module: FRAME IN2 (150 x 110 cm). Each model shares most of the features, depending on the version:

  • rain shower head;
  • dorsal massage, for cervical and lumbar hydromassage;
  • shiatsu massage for an even deeper, more invigorating and relaxing back massage;
  • cascade and cold cascade shower for a toning effect and improving circulation;
  • nebulization, an enveloping cloud of microdroplets that moisten the skin, refreshing it pleasantly;
  • Turkish bath with aromatherapy that removes excess toxins thanks to the mix of hot steam and fragrant essences;
  • Cromodream® function for an emotional shower of lights and colours in 6 different shades, diffused together with water directly on the body;
  • Touch screen display, to easily select the functions you want to activate;
  • Thermostatic mixer to regulate the water temperature;
  • seat, stool and footrest, to guarantee maximum comfort during the shower;
  • Audio System, to listen to your favourite music and make the hydromassage shower even more pleasant;
  • Crystal Clear treatment on the glass to prevent any trace of limescale.

Find out more about the Frame shower cabin or contact your nearest Jacuzzi dealer to experience the excellence of the Jacuzzi hydromassage.



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