J-245™: the hot tub that combines quality and convenience

Latest News  /  02 May 2018

The Jacuzzi J-245™ spa is an outdoor hot tub with a classic design and guaranteed quality. A choice that combines Jacuzzi reliability with value, which is a great way to introduce yourself to the hot tub world at a convenient price.

Why choose the J-245™ hot tub?

The J-245™ hot tub is part of the Jacuzzi J-200™ range, the outdoor hot tub collection designed for those who want to enjoy all the quality of Jacuzzi hydromassage at a convenient price.

The J-245™ spa is undoubtedly the perfect introduction to the many benefits of hydrotherapy by utilising Classic jets, high-quality jets offer an effective hydromassage everyone can enjoy.

The J-245™ is very spacious, and can accommodate up to seven people making it an ideal hot tub for sharing a moment of well-being with your family or having fun with friends in the open air.

What are the features of the J-245™ hot tub?

The Jacuzzi J-245™ spa is a square outdoor hot tub (213 x 213 x 91 cm), and comes with several standard features that meet the needs for relaxation and comfort that distinguish the Jacuzzi experience:

7 seats to share the pleasure of a Jacuzzi hydromassage
35 Classic jets, all the quality of a Jacuzzi hydrotherapy
Classic plantar massage for a real reflexology experience
4 headrests provide the perfect pace to relax the head and neck
Classic Waterfall gives a relaxing neck and shoulder massage
Multi coloured LED lighting allow you to create the right ambiance for any occasion
Perimeter lights illuminate the surrounding area
– Pre-programmed 2-stage filtration, which is both practical and easy to use
ClearRay™ system uses UV-C technology to neutralize waterborne pathogens

Find out more about the J-245™ hot tub or contact your nearest Jacuzzi dealer.


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