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J-435™: the hot tub suitable for everyone and all seasons

Latest News  /  05 March 2018

The J-435™ spa by Jacuzzi is a hot tub designed to offer perfect ergonomics: every seat offers a different depth to comfortably accommodate all types of body shapes and heights. The raised profile design also ensures privacy and protection from cold outdoor air, making it the ideal tub for all seasons.

Why choose the J-435™ by Jacuzzi?

The J-435™ is a hot tub ideal for outdoor use thanks to its high-back design that protects you from the ambient air temperature and wraps in the heat which is ideal when outdoor temperatures are cooler. The design also ensures privacy, to enjoy moments of relaxation in complete peace.

The J-435™ hot tub offers the largest variety of seating in terms of height, which ensures everyone receives a deep and effective soak. The comfort is amplified thanks to the new adjustable headrests that easily adapt to everyone’s preferences.

The J-435™ is equipped with a lounge seat so you can enjoy full body immersion and a complete body massage, a seat with a wide sheet waterfall provides a soothing effect across upper back combined with an abundant jet of water that descends on the shoulders to relieve muscular tensions.

Another feature of this hot tub is the presence of diverter knobs which control the strength of massage, giving a spectacular effect to the water whilst doubling as cup holders to secure your favorite beverage while relaxing.

Features of the J-435™

The J-435™ hot tub is a square-sized hot tub (213 x 213 cm) with a depth of 91 cm, designed to accommodate up to 6 people. The J-435™ presents:

  • 48 PowerPro® jets deliver hydromassage to every part of the body
  • 3 illuminated and height adjustable headrests
  • a waterfall that provides soothing relief to the shoulders
  • illuminated diverter knobs that also act as cup holders
  • ProTouch™ control panel
  • Proclarity system with 5 stage filtration to ensure optimal water quality
  • ClearRay™ system that effectively eliminates all traces of impurities


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