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J-575™ Hot tub: an outdoor multisensory experience

Latest News  /  04 April 2018

The J-575™ hot tub is a comfortable and elegant outdoor hot tub, a perfect mix of design and functionality: soft shapes enhanced by internal and external lighting effects, waterfalls and a variety of Jacuzzi hydromassage treatments, for a well-being experience that involves all the senses.

Why choose the Jacuzzi J-575™ hot tub?

As part of the J-500™ Luxury collection, the crown jewels of outdoor hot tubs, the J-575™ hot tub represents the excellence of Jacuzzi outdoor hot tubs: designed to give you the highest quality experience.

The high-level technology combined with the exceptional Jacuzzi hydromassage, is presented in a refined design that redefines the standard of outdoor luxury. Its elegant Curvalux™ undulating panels mimic the weave texture of designer outdoor furniture and are accented further by exterior corner lights. The materials of the fabric-like coating are also made so as to effectively withstand atmospheric phenomena.

The J-575™ hot tub is for those looking for an outdoor hot tub with an elegant shape that perfectly adapts to the style of your garden and that can recreate a magical atmosphere in the dark thanks to the multicolored lights behind the dual waterfalls, designed to guarantee a relaxing and soothing effect to the head, neck and shoulders. Its strong point is not just aesthetic, because the J-575™ hot tub offers advanced hydrotherapy.

The J-575™ hot tub offers a localised massage across every area of the body: the numerous jets, cleverly positioned at strategic points in the seating, offer the greatest variety of massages among all the Jacuzzi hot tub range.

Each movement of the PowerPro® jets intensifies the hydrotherapy effects and allows you to direct and vary the intensity of the jet, ensuring a deeper massage on the back and the hips, and exerting gentler pressure to the back of the legs and feet. In particular, the J-575™ offers a reflexology foot massage, ideal for relaxing after an intense workout or a long day spent on your feet.

What are the specifications and features of the J-575™ hot tub?

The J-575™ hot tub is a large square hot tub (231 X 231 X 92 cm), and thanks to its capacity it can comfortably accommodate up to 6 people. The J-575™ hot tub includes:

  • 1 therapeutic lounge seat for complete relaxation of the body, with PX jets in the armrests for a tension releasing massage on the wrists;
  • 1 RX seat with directional FX-D jet, which performs a specific massage for the hip area, promoting blood circulation;
  • 4 headrests with soft lines to ensure maximum comfort during the hydromassage;
  • 53 PowerPro® jets with different intensities, pressure and movements to personalise the massaging action to the maximum;
  • 2 WaterColour™ waterfalls that perform a relaxing and soothing effect on the neck, shoulders and upper back, where the stresses of the day accumulate more;
  • ProEdge™ internal lighting system creates multicoloured lighting inside the tub, while the exterior corner lightsilluminate the external profile of the tub, creating a warm glow;
  • Curvalux™ panels, made with durable materials, whose fabric effect was inspired by the most elegant garden furniture;
  • Optional Bluewave® Spa Stereo System to listen to your favorite music without getting out of the water, thanks to the Bluetooth system, which can be operated up to 10 meters away;
  • ProTouch™ glass panel touchscreen, positioned on the edge of the tub, which allows you to manage the different functions of the spa while remaining immersed in the water;
  • ProLink™ App to activate your Jacuzzi even when you are out of the house, so you will find it ready to use when you arrive;
  • ClearRay™ Water Purification System, which can effectively eliminate viruses and bacteria thanks to UV-C rays produced by a special lamp;
  • Proclarity system for the recirculation of water, which, acting together with the circulation pump, delivers 5 stages of water filtration, guaranteeing maximum hygiene;


Find out more about the J-575™ hot tub or contact your nearest Jacuzzi retailer to experience the excellence of Jacuzzi hydromassage.


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