Jacuzzi J-375™: all the space and relaxation you need

Latest News  /  17 August 2018

The Jacuzzi J-375™ hot tub is a hydromassage hot tub from the J-300™ Comfort collection, the largest in the collection, the J-375™ is complete with a lounge seat for a total immersion experience. Thanks to its large size, the J-375™ is ideal for anyone who has a large family or wants to spend time with groups of friends.

It is suitable for both indoors, to enjoy in the privacy of your own home, or outdoors, to spend a moment of total relaxation out in the open.

Its numerous features are a guarantee of a high-end hydromassage experience, as per the Jacuzzi tradition.

Why choose the Jacuzzi J-375™ hot tub?

The J-375™ hot tub is part of the Jacuzzi J-300™ Comfort range, a comfortable and ergonomic hot tub collection designed to offer superior performance.

The generous capacity of this hot tub makes it perfect for individual use, to recharge at the end of a busy day, or to share a nice relaxing break with family or friends.

Its square design with clean lines makes it an elegant and refined accessory, which can be adapted to your home’s furnishings through a choice of shell and panel colours.

The aesthetics, the large dimensions and the versatility of use make the J-375™ hot tub one of the most complete Jacuzzi hot tubs, perfect for all your needs.

What are the features of the J-375™ hot tub?

The Jacuzzi J-375™ hot tub is a square hot tub (231x231x96 cm), which can accommodate up to 6 people.

In addition to 5 classic seats, this hot tub also features a lounge seat, which allows you to fully immerse yourself in the water and enjoy a full body massage.

The PowerPro® jets are designed to target different areas of the body, for an even deeper and more effective hydromassage. In particular, the RX and PX jets, exclusively featured in the J-300™ collection, carry out a massage focused on the hands and wrists, for a true reflexology experience.

The 4 reversible headrests with emotional lighting offer further comfort for the head and neck.

The Watercolour Waterfall™ takes advantage of the regenerating action of water for a relaxing effect on the neck area and, combined with the ProLite® LED underwater lighting system, creates an evocative atmosphere that increases the feeling of overall comfort thanks to the effect of chromotherapy.

The illuminated control panel makes it easy to use and maintain the hot tub even from inside the hot tub.

Find out more about the J-375™ hot tub or contact your local Jacuzzi dealer.


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