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Latest News  /  15 April 2019

We like to think when you buy a Jacuzzi hot tub it is an extension of your home, family and lifestyle, which is why we’ve made the process of maintaining your hot tub super simple.

Unlike other brands which require regular maintenance, we have developed a specially formulated filtering process known as the CLEARRAY® Water Management System. This comes as standard in all Jacuzzi hot tubs and uses UV technology to neutralise waterborne pathogens to leave the water clean and clear.

This cutting-edge technology has been designed to stamp out lengthy filtering processes so that you and your family can enjoy more time in the tub, and less time looking after it!

To enhance the water management system, and to ensure your Jacuzzi hot tub operates at peak performance for longer, we recommend using our specially formulated chemicals for optimum water care. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get the most out of our range of water chemicals and products:

With the filtration system and water purification system doing most of the work for you keeping your water clean and safe to use is a process that requires some basic supplies and around 10 to 20 minutes time per week.

Procedures After Every Use

Dip a test strip into the water for 1 second then wait 15 seconds for an accurate reading and if the test strip indicates a low sanitiser level, follow the dosage requirements for your spa and add your preferred sanitiser.

Approximately: 2-3 minutes

Weekly Procedures

Shock the hot tub water by adding a dose of chlorine, or oxidiser/non-chlorine shock, this will instantly kill water-borne bacteria and contaminants the can cause cloudy water or odours. Let the treatment circulate for 24 hours, test the pH, and dilute with fresh water if the chlorine level gets above 5ppm.

Approximately: 2-3 minutes

Monthly Procedures

Remove and clean out your filters with a high pressure water hose, or soak overnight in a filter cleaning solution. It’s recommended to have a second filter available to replace the filter in use during the cleaning process.

Approximately: 10 minutes

Remember that regular use of your hot tub may require you to perform these procedures more often to keep your water safe, and remember to follow your individual hot tub maintenance instructions about replacing your filters and water purification components.

Find out more information about our essential range of water care products here.


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