Take the perfect hot tub selfie this #WorldPhotoDay

Latest News  /  19 August 2019

It’s true that a picture tells a thousand words, so what better way to capture your most memorable moments than with the perfect hot tub selfie?

And, the good news is there’s now a day dedicated to photographs, so to celebrate this annual event, we’re giving you the chance to win two fluffy robes and two champagne flutes. To enter, simply share your own #HotTubSelfie snaps over on our Facebook page. And, to help you take that perfect pic, here are some top tips on how to capture the hottest selfie yet…

#1 Backlight

Whatever you do, in the event that the British sun decides to make an appearance make sure it is behind you. Why? Because sun shining directly onto your face not only gives your selfie a washed out look, but it will also bounce off the water creating additional and unwanted shadows and lines.

#2 Backdrop

Don’t ignore what might be lurking in the background of your selfie unless you want to include the #photobomb caption. If you’re lucky enough to have a South-facing garden and can enjoy a beautiful sunset, consider taking your perfect hot tub selfie as the sun sets – there’s nothing quite like a summer sunset.

#3 Do it at dusk

In addition to a beautiful sunset snap, you can also play around with the various LED lighting options which come as standard is all Jacuzzi® hot tubs. Create your very own filters to give your hot tub selfie an edgy, or romantic twist.

#4 Invest in a selfie stick

A craze yes, but also a very useful tool in creating the perfect hot tub selfie. Not only does it allow you to include you, your friends and your hot tub in a single frame, but it’ll also act as a barrier between your phone and the water – therefore avoiding any floating phones!

#5 Smile like you mean it

It’s unlikely that your smile will be fixed when you’re taking a hot tub selfie… What’s not to love about relaxing in the comfort of your home with friends and family? However, it’s easy to tense up when you’re under pressure to perform. So, to ease you into the frame, try putting on your favourite playlist via the built-in Bluewave™ Spa Stereo System (standard on most of our Jacuzzi® hot tubs), unwind and let the camera roll.


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