Post Workout Hot Tub Exercises To Help You Recover

Performance  /  22 May 2017

A short session of hydrotherapy after an exertive physical activity or participating in sport will enable you to recover faster, feel more dynamic and refreshed. Taking the plunge into the hot water of your hot tub after physical activity helps you to relax, recover energy and tone the muscles, however switching the jets on allows the water to combine with air to help relieve muscle stresses which in turn helps to prevent any tenderness or soreness that can result from physical activity.

Performing a number of simple exercise whilst you are soaking in your hot tub can help speed up this process.

1. Relieve the tension in leg muscles

Intense physical activity creates strain and stress on the leg muscles, relieving the stress and tension in the leg muscles is quite simple in your hot tub. After soaking in the hot tub for a few moments, lean against the back of the seat, lift one leg, bend at the knee then pull the knee towards the chest then straighten.

Repeat this 3 times, then switch legs, repeat this action for 5 sets on each leg.

2. Ease built up tension in the neck and shoulders

Tension in the neck and shoulders after a workout can cause pain for a number of days post exercise, so relieving this tension is imperative to help your body recover faster. After soaking for a few moments, make sure your shoulders are completely covered by the water, lean back against the seat and perform slow, soft circular motions with the shoulders.

Repeat the circular motion 5 times in a forwards direction, then 5 times in a backwards direction, take a short break then repeat this process for 3 seats in each direction.

3. Respiratory recovery

Increasing the level of oxygen to the muscles helps to aid muscle recover, so after physical activity whilst soaking in your hot tub it’s recommended to relax and focus on breathing exercises. Simply sit down, close your eyes, and begin to inhale and exhale slowly.

Once you have finished your hydrotherapy session, it is recommended to keep stretching then wrap yourself in a dry towel, and take a while to rest, this will reduce sweating and allow your blood pressure to stabilise.


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