Beach Cove Coastal Retreat: a romantic retreat by the sea

Professional  /  19 January 2018

Beach Cove Coastal Retreat is a charming resort nestled in the unspoiled nature of North Devon, England. Overlooking the wonderful Hele Bay at Ilfracombe, it is the ideal destination for couples looking for a romantic retreat to spend their honeymoon or a relaxing holiday, and for all those who love being in contact with the sea and its regenerating effect.

A sea scented nest

At Beach Cove Coastal Retreat, you fall asleep listening to the breaking waves and you wake up with the voice of the seagulls. The accommodation is inspired by characteristic beach huts, converted into elegant holiday homes: spacious and bright, they are all tastefully furnished, and painted in soft pastel colors. Each holiday home includes a double bedroom, a private bathroom, a large open space with kitchen and living room, and a beautiful furnished patio. At guests’ disposal, there is everything needed to spend relaxing moments in a comfortable and welcoming environment, even for those who want to spend a holiday with their pets.

A Jacuzzi hot tub overlooking the bay

The Beach Cove Coastal Retreat provides a great atmosphere. Each lodge is equipped with all the comforts you could wish for, whilst a number of them include the symbol of relaxation par excellence: a Jacuzzi hot tub. Comfortably wrapped by a hydrotherapy massage, it is possible to admire the incredible view of the bay and its sea: the perfect setting to spend a few days full of intimacy and romance. After being pampered by the many amenities offered by the Beach Cove Coastal Retreat, it is essential to take a walk in the surroundings and a dip in the arms of nature and its landscapes of pristine beauty.

North Devon, where nature reigns

North Devon is a natural paradise that satisfies the eye and nourishes the soul. Here, sea and nautical activities lovers find their natural habitat: the coasts of Devon, offer a wild beauty, and are all to be explored, perhaps by choosing a route with the cruise that starts from Ilfracombe or by renting a private boat. Even for those who love to deepen the cultural aspects of the visited places there is spoiled for choice: among quaint fishing villages, refined palaces and ancient castles, the days on the coast of Devon will spend intensely and leave you greatly enriched.


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